Monday, July 04, 2005

First day of camp

Emily's first day of camp is today. She is very excited. She is dressed, with her teeth brushed, and hair brushed more than 30 minutes ahead of time. On a normal school day it would be a battle.
She is enrolled in an arts and crafts day camp for young children just north of Cobourg in Hamilton Township. She has been here before.
We are all excited for Emily. New friends. Having fun. It is the stuff of summer.


Blogger Dee said...

Remember our summer experiences? Seems so long ago...ages, in fact. Those long, hot days that seem endless with buzzing bees, humming grasshoppers and the fresh breeze sweeping across the cool water. Sand between our toes, laughing as we skip along the beach, and adventures all day long. What I wouldn't give to be Emily's age again for just one day...

1:53 PM  
Blogger rwash said...

Can you find another cliche? Was it really like that?

3:07 PM  

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