Friday, June 13, 2008

Wrapping up

Franklin asks student to help change the world.

New knowledge economy

Government, business and the public recognize the importance of a college diploma. And, she atlks about the efforts to train people using a college experience

Colleges in new economy

She notes the contributions of Second Life and E-Journalism to make Loyalist a leader in the new economy.
Urging students to be leaders within their careers, she reflects on her years with the Ontario Wine Council. She hopes students bring passion to their goals.

Colleges in new economy

Franklin begins

Following thanking Piercy for her introduction, Franklin praises student for their accomplishments.

Convocational speech

College President Maureen Piercy is giving an introductory address before making her welcome to the guest speaker.

Guest speaker

After a lengthy speech recogni+ng special guests we are waiting for the convocational address by Ms. Linda Franklin, president of Colleges Ontario.


We just completed procession into hall. The singing of the national anthem and a prayer.


Lining up for grad hot as hell adam
Wearing a black gown makes me feel like a minister

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Our return from down east

Well, it is two days after our return from New Brunswick where we were visiting our dear friends, Milne and Leslie.
At the moment, it feels like a dream even though we spent a week. The days were packed with lots of wonderful activities. Each night we collapsed into bed exhausted, only to wake up the next day revitalized and raring to go again
Our hosts were very generous with their time and energy. Milne drove us everywhere, which was fantastic because I rarely get an opporunity to just enjoy the sights.
We ate fabulous seafood and drank some fine microbrew beers.
More on all this to follow

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

OPP workshop

I am presenting a workshop on New Media to a group of officers training in public relation today in Orillia.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A call to arms

The merger of Bell Globemedia and CHUM received the expected threshold of coverage for a day or two, disappearing until the review process takes place. Commentary was limited in the mainstream media and the blogsphere to concerns around media concentration and consolidation of power over information channels in the hands a few.

Something that is getting missed in all this is a debate over the quality of journalism. Senator Joan Fraser, chair of the committee on Transportation and Communication, raised concerns about journalism, but the issue did not seem to get a fair airing. It is difficult to see how news organizations under this new behemoth media corporation will provide resources to undertake high quality journalism, like investigative reporting. If Canadians are lucky, someone within the organization will be granted a budget to create an I-team that will feed the chain of newsrooms. But don’t hold your breath.

It is time major media corporations directed profits to a foundation for fund investigative journalism at all levels, from weekly to major daily, across the country. While there are many awards for journalism, there is very little that is done to support investigative or enterprise journalism from concept to content. It is great organizations honour excellence, but it is only large newsrooms or dedicated journalists who do this kind of work off the side of their desks that are able to win these awards. There needs to be a way that this important and vital form of journalism gets funded outside organizations with the necessary resources.

The merger provides an excellent opportunity to raise this issue and debate it. Maybe, part of the requirement for this to go forward is the formation of a foundation. And, if Bell Globemedia agrees, then pressure should be put to bear on other major media organizations.

It is time to debate the future of investigative journalism in Canada. Loyalist College is preparing to hold a summit this fall bringing together individuals concerned about excellence in journalism. Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another big inning

With three runs scored, it was another outstanding inning for the Yankees.

Double play

Roseneath was three up and three down. Despite a great two-base hit, a double play made short work

Big inning

The Yankees came out blazing in the first inning with an amazing five runs.
Bases were loaded and Brooke hit a home run, bringing in a total of four runs.
The five-run limit rule means the side was ended.

Top of the league

Emily's team, the Yankees, sit at the top of their league coming into tonight's game against Roseneath.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


It was close for a couple of innings, but Emily's team won in the last few minutes 6-2.
It was a nailbiter as both teams played really well by the end of the game Emily was tired. All the crouching and standing up was demanding. She just loves to play. Unfortunately, she did not get a hit for two at bats. She was close, but did not make solid contact.
It was a great day.

Starting backcatcher

After the first at bat, no runs. Emily is back catcher.

Season opener

Emily starts baseball today. The town held its sports parade, as teams from all sports walk down the main street. Here we are eights months after the last time we sat in Sinclair Park.
This is not as strong a team as Emily played for last year. But the point is she plays and that is everything.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Baseball practice

Following the long weekend, Emily's baseball practice was moved to Tuesday. It is still very cold,but at least it is sunny. Last week, it rained.
Emily loves baseball. Yesterday, we watched a Jays game on television. What at treat! While she did not watch the entire game, she watched most of it.
Today was also the school track and field event. Emily has demonstrated a talent for high jump. She did well. But, she did not win, just a bruise on her thigh to show for her efforts. The baseball season begins Saturday