Friday, July 29, 2005

Sky high

We took a quick trip to Whitby to see the new Disney film Sky High. It is well done and has many of the great vaules included in those fantastic movies we used to watch as kids on Sunday night. It was neat to see Kurt Russell playing the role of the father.
Emily really enjoyed it. So did Michele.
I had some fun last night. My friend Milne and I cobbled together a simple web site about James Cockburn, he was the first speaker of the House of Commons and the MP from Northumberland. It is extremely basic, but we wanted it up in time for the civic holiday. In Cobourg we celebrate James Cockburn Day.
Emily won her baseball game Thursday, defeating the toughest team in the league. She helped by batting in a RBI and got a run herself. Yaeh!
Glad to see you are settling into your new job.


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