Friday, June 13, 2008

Wrapping up

Franklin asks student to help change the world.

New knowledge economy

Government, business and the public recognize the importance of a college diploma. And, she atlks about the efforts to train people using a college experience

Colleges in new economy

She notes the contributions of Second Life and E-Journalism to make Loyalist a leader in the new economy.
Urging students to be leaders within their careers, she reflects on her years with the Ontario Wine Council. She hopes students bring passion to their goals.

Colleges in new economy

Franklin begins

Following thanking Piercy for her introduction, Franklin praises student for their accomplishments.

Convocational speech

College President Maureen Piercy is giving an introductory address before making her welcome to the guest speaker.

Guest speaker

After a lengthy speech recogni+ng special guests we are waiting for the convocational address by Ms. Linda Franklin, president of Colleges Ontario.


We just completed procession into hall. The singing of the national anthem and a prayer.


Lining up for grad hot as hell adam
Wearing a black gown makes me feel like a minister