Saturday, August 27, 2005

B champions

We won!
The team bouced back and won the B Championship against Grafton. Emily played a great game. She hit a stand-up triple,batting in two runs. It was amazing. The best hit she has made all season. What a fantastic way to end her season. She hammered it down the third base line, all the way to the outfield. She put her head down and ran like the wind. Emilu is not a superb runner, but I swear I have never watched her run like this the crowd went nuts!
I am so proud of her.
She received a medal for winning and the team took lots of pictures
This is my kid!

Got a hit

Emily just nailed the ball! She got a triple and drove in two runs.

B finals

Unfortunately, we lost our game. After an amazing start, with four runs, we died. The kids couldn't field the ball and we lost.
Emily got so nervous she struck ou twice and missed a major play. She ran down the ball and then failed to throw it properly because she got flustered.
She is a great kid.

Final baseball tournament

Well, we made it. Here we are at the finals for the Cobourg Minor Softball League at Legion Fields. Emily is playing second base against the Red Soxs. This is the game to determine who will play in the final or for runners up.
I have never watched Emily be so intense.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Last game of the season

Here we are wrapping up our baseball season against our nemesis, Roseneath.
This is a great group of kids on both sides. We will see.
made the move into my new office. This forced me to go through my files. Threw out a massive amount of paper whew.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

An away game

We are on the road again. This time it is a baseball game in Grafton, a small hamlet east of Cobourg. There is a massive recreation complex that is quite old with an arena built in the 70's and six full-size baseball diamonds. No soccer pitches here. Just the staples: baseball and hockey.
This is the last week for Emily's baseball league. Ther is another game Thursday and the finals on Saturday.
Started back to school Monday.

An away game

We are on the road again. This time it is a baseball game in Grafton, a small hamlet east of Cobourg. There is a massive recreation complex that is quite old with an arena built in the 70's and six full-size baseball diamonds. No soccer pitches here. Just the staples: baseball and hockey.
This is the last week for Emily's baseball league. Ther is another game Thursday and the finals on Saturday.
Started back to school Monday.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

A trip to the dentist

We made a trip to the dentist today. It is a follow up after our emergency last week. It is Emily's first time for a cleaning. So far, no crying. Maybe there is hope.
York is slowly reviewing my application for the fall it will be a week to 10 day before I will get any news. While optimistic until now, I am quite concerned. Ther must be a review by the admissions committee, which I thought had already gone over my material in the pre-application process. The waitingis driving me nuts. I have to make changes to my timetable. That has already received approval from my Dean of Media Studies. Hopefully, it will not take too much. Still, it will mean a lot of scrambling. It is the uncertainty that is most nerve-wracking.
Monday school starts. Oh well, it was a nice break.

New floor

We put a new floor in the kitchen Tuesday. It started a week ago when Home Depot came out with a flyer. Ther was clickable laminated oak flooring on sale for 99 cents per square foot. It was a great deal

Headed up to Peterborough after we picked up the new car. We saved a huge amount.

I did an instructional course from Home Depot. It taught me how to lay the flooring we waited two days so the wood would acclimatize to our house.

Tuesday, we got up and started first thing. After 11 and a half hours, it was done. We only need to put the trim down.

Both of us we so sore. My knees ached and hips we're in pain.

The floor looks great.

Yesterday, we licked our wounds.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Happy Birthday

Well, it is a buisy day michele spent the morning making a cake. Emily got up and opened her presents.
By 1 p.m., we were at the YMCA. Seven kids swimmoing and having a great time. Then, it was hot dogs, cake and ice cream. We finished off with playtime in the gym.
Tonight, we will go out for dinner.
Happy birthday Emily.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Picking up our new car

We went over to Cobourg Honda this morning to pick up our new car. We purchsed a 2005 Civic DX. It is a base model with roll down windows. The only feature we got wa air conditioning. We got amazing financing at 1.9 per cent for five years.
This is the first new car we have purchased in 15 years of marriage. We figured by the time you buy a good used acr, the bank financing kills any break in price. I also bought a six-year warranty to ensure we don't have to pay for major repairs for the longest time.
Emily is off to a birthday party this afternnon. We are having her birthday dinner tonight. Her special party at the YMCA is tomorrow. That will be with her friends.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Emily helped a young man find his lost glasses yesterday. The 18-year old kid was swimming when his glasses were knocked off. Emily had her mask, so she keep diving down in the water to see if she could find them. After an hour, and everyonelse had given up, she found them.
What a hero. The kid was thrilled. Emily was so please with herself. Neat.

An interesting week

What a busy and stressful few days we have experienced. Sunday night Emily comes out of her room late at night to tell me she lost a tooth. It was one of the teeth we spent a fortune on getting filled last summer. Since I was told the dentist only fills adult teeth, I immediately assumed it had broken.
After a nearly sleepless night (Emily is very frightened of dentists after several traumatic visits), I made an emergency appointment.
When the denist looked at the tooth she said it was a baby tooth that was filled two years ago.
Then, they discovered an infected absessed tooth. It had to removed immediately. Emily displayed an incredible amount of courage. She cried for a moment and then they rmoved the infected tooth.
The next day we discovered her head lice. It took hours to clean her head, but we think we have it under control. Then, there is the immense clean up. Everything had to be laundered or srayed. Let me tell you, that wasn't much fun either. .
Today, I hoped for a quieter day

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Emily is infested with head lice. Nothing could be worse. We discovered it after she complained of an itchy scalp. We checked her out a couple weeks ago,but found nothing at first. We thought it wa due to the sun. She often fails to wear her hat. It seemed a plausible explaination
Tonight, Michele was combing her hair. Normally, Emily does these things for herself.
The comb was full of adult lice. A quick sweep of her head found piles ot nits, too.
I immediately went to the drug store and bought special shampoo. We did the treatment, but the eggs were still stuck along her hair. A quick trip back to the drug store meant I was able to purhase some lice egg remover. So we sat outside for two-and-a-half hours with lice combs doing Emily's hair.
We just got in. We were unable to get them all. I doubt anyone could. But, when we quit, I could not see anymore.
Emily was heroic. She was really tired by the end. For the most part she was co-operative.
We will wait a week and redo the treatment. We are going to get her hair cut tomorrow.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

A day at the beach

We spent an entire afternoon at Cobourg beach. It is so wonderful. We are lucky to have such a lovely spot.
I met a couple from Whistler B.C.with a 10-year old girl. Emily played with her for a while. They loved the beach.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Buying a new car

Well, thebucket is finally done. After 304,000 miles, she has finally gave it up. Ealier this week we started having renewed transmission problems. We got it temporarily fixed, but to solve the problem was far too much.
So today we did a series of test drives: Toyota Matrix, Corrolla, Hyundai Sonata, “ia Spectra, and lastly, the :onda Civic.
The finance package did it. We bought a :onda Civic DX. It is a nice car. Great gas mileage. Good ride.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Quiet days

With Emily not going to day camp, our scheduke has slowed down. The persistent high temperatures are keeping us fairly inactive. We spend our days dealing with the heat, mainly by going to the beach. Still, there is something to do daily.
Next week is Wmily's birthday. We are having a party at the YMCA. Kids swim and it is air conditioned
It is cool today to Michele is baking and pre-cooking a few meal.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Visiting the past

We went in to Toronto today to get my transcripts from Ryerson and to hand deliver my application to York University.
I thought it would be cool to take Emily to see 188 Hallam Street.
It was shocking and amazing. Toronto has changed drastically. It is to the point where I barely recognize it.
Yet, returning to these old stomping ground was incredible, seeing townhouses where Westmoreland United Church once stood. The old garage just down the street is also gone, replaced by townhouses.
But, the house is still there. The brick is painted chocolate brown. The porch is gone and a stoop has replaced it. There is a lovely garden and the postage stamp-size lawn is dark green. Obviously, the owners take care of it.
Dovercourt Public School still stands. There was a construction crew doing work on the premise. I told Emily three generations of our family attended school there.
The corner stores across from the schools are gone. The variety store is a house and so is the old Beckers milk store
Dufferin Babptist Church is converted into a coomunity centre.
Still some things do not change. Sone's Pharmacy is still there and so is the Progress Bakery. The coin laundry is still there, as is the variety store and the grocery store at the intersection of Dovercourt and Hallam streets.
The old Loblaws store is gone (yes, townhouses).
I didn't go to Armstrong Avenue because I have very few memories of it left. I refused to go by Felbrigg. I am still very furious about what happened. It would make me sick to see it.
You would still recognize some of good ole Hallam Street,but a lot has changed. Thirty-seven years can do that to a community.
Emily was most impressed. So was I.