Saturday, May 27, 2006


It was close for a couple of innings, but Emily's team won in the last few minutes 6-2.
It was a nailbiter as both teams played really well by the end of the game Emily was tired. All the crouching and standing up was demanding. She just loves to play. Unfortunately, she did not get a hit for two at bats. She was close, but did not make solid contact.
It was a great day.

Starting backcatcher

After the first at bat, no runs. Emily is back catcher.

Season opener

Emily starts baseball today. The town held its sports parade, as teams from all sports walk down the main street. Here we are eights months after the last time we sat in Sinclair Park.
This is not as strong a team as Emily played for last year. But the point is she plays and that is everything.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Baseball practice

Following the long weekend, Emily's baseball practice was moved to Tuesday. It is still very cold,but at least it is sunny. Last week, it rained.
Emily loves baseball. Yesterday, we watched a Jays game on television. What at treat! While she did not watch the entire game, she watched most of it.
Today was also the school track and field event. Emily has demonstrated a talent for high jump. She did well. But, she did not win, just a bruise on her thigh to show for her efforts. The baseball season begins Saturday

Monday, May 15, 2006

Milne's Blog

Milne's BlogHere is a great blog from my good friend and beer-drinking buddy Milne Hall about his adventures in his new home in New Brunswick.

Baseball season begins

On a cool spring evening, baseball season begins with a practice at Westwood Park, a nice small children's space just around the corner.
Emily is pleased to be playing. She spent a few weeks in the winter practicing with the Cobourg Angels, the local women's league.
Two weekends ago, she spent an entire day with a women's coach for York University learning all kinds to things.
Tonight, the drills are base running. Emily is very interested. Our first game is May 27.