Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Working at the garden centre

My boss at the garden centre decided to take the day to visit friends in the Guelph area. It means I am all alone to run the shop. It is quite a bit of work. Water, water, water. That is the order of the day. With all the heat and wind, the plants dry out quickly.
It is aslo pretty steady, as customers trickle in. It is never an onslaught or dead. Constant.
Emily played baseball last night. The team got hammered. It was an away game in Roseneath, about 30 minutes north of Cobourg. The team was awesome for a group of kids. Emily made a solid play in the last inning. She was playing left field and chased down a line drive and threw it in without hestating. Considering the rest of her game, it was a nice play. I think she is starting to get it. It is wonderful to watch her learn the game.


Blogger Dee said...

Does working at a garden centre improve your chances of creating a splendid garden at home or deter it? I've always wondered if people who are good at their profession translate this to their home life.
Great to hear that Emily's improving her game. Does she enjoy baseball more than soccer or the same??

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