Friday, July 08, 2005

A fantastic day

The highlight today was going to see the Fantastic Four at the movie theatre in Whitby. We saw the first show on the first day. I don't think any of us hae ever done this before.
The movie was wonderful. Michele said she liked it. This is a huge endorsement. She does not always like this genre. We saw Batman Begins. She hated it. She loved both Spiderman flicks. She hated the Hulk.
Emily loved. Her favourite character is the Human Torch.
Of course. I loved it, too.
Back at the garden centre tomorrow.


Blogger Dee said...

I always liked the Fantastic Four comic books when I was young. My favourite comic hero is the Silver Surfer beyond any other. Don't ask my why but I don't imagine that it was the story lines. Haven't seen Batman Begins. Not really fond of the Batman series in general. Loved the Spiderman movies and the first Superman movie. Haven't seen the Hulk movie but did like the TV series alot, especially when he transformed.

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