Sunday, July 10, 2005

Scorching hot day

It is becoming a really hot day. I was sweating while watering the plants this morning at the garden centre. I think we will retreat to the beach to swim this afternoon. With any luck it won't be too crazy. If it nuts maybe the YMCA.
Stay cool.


Blogger Dee said...

We are very comfortable here. The sun has only pushed its way through on occasion in the last few weeks. True Vancouver weather...where it can be dull and rainy at one moment and then the sun shines through and it's glorious. This morning was sunny with a few clouds and now it's lightly raining. What a place to be - love it! We still have some passes to the local pool and haven't gone since this winter. There's a pool in this complex, but it's outdoor. Who ever thought that would work??

2:26 PM  

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