Monday, July 11, 2005

Some good news

Well, we are back at it. Emily started her second week at the art camp. Today, they did clay sculpting Emily made a ladybug.
I wrote two editorials for an agriculture publication, the Pioneer country edition. Then, I had my own column to write.
I got some good vibes from an editor of a local high-end magazine about a proposal for a regular column. It's a great opportunity. I will see her tomorrow to discuss details.
I also got an expression of interest on a book proposal. They have asked me to answer a few question onmy submission. That is a good sign. But, there is a long row to hoe before + get a contract.
Finally, I got word this afternoon that I am accepted into the MA program at York. It is like a pre-approved mortgage. The director said I am in. Now, I just need to fill out all the paper work. So, that will start in the fall
I am pleased. There were two more jobs open this spring. Both require an MA. If I have any hope of staying in the teaching field, I need this degree.
Emily is with me at the splash pad. She is enjoying herself as she cools down. Life is simple. At least for her. Her idea of joy is being cool in all this heat. I should have brought my swim trunks


Blogger Dee said...

Did Emily know that my favourite bug is a ladybug? I have all kinds of ladybug stickers and tiny glass ladybug magnets on my fridge. I'm going to send her one in the mail.
Very cool about the magazine column. Send me details on the name, etc. when you have a chance.
Tell me about your book and the subject matter. I'm very interested in this!
Congrats on the MA program! It's about time that they recognized you. Tell me about the course(s) you start in the fall.
I'm seriously considering more courses this fall myself and will choose those which will ensure future employment.
Tell me about the jobs that are open and whether you can apply now or next year.
Life can be simple for us all if we chose to remove the unnecessary bits that complicate it or the needs that drive us. All I have is all I want. All I need is all I have.

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