Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Another day of extreme heat

I now know hell. While some may believe hell is a state of mind, I can tell you, it is a summer day in Ontario. It is hotter than Hades. I would swim in the river Styx for relief.
We are at the library waiting for Emily to give her report for the summer book club. We do this every year. It is sponsored by TD Bank. The kids read six books over six weeks. Each week they report to the children's librarian they get a treat and at the end there is a draw for several huge prizes. Emily ejoys it.
Stay cool


Blogger Dee said...

What can I say...hell is a long way from Vancouver.
Whenever you get tired of Ontario, you are all welcome here. That's why Mike's parents have recently moved.
Claude is heading back to Ontario next week and Simone is staying here until their furniture is moved in.
Company is nice once in awhile and it certainly keeps us busy.
Remember, Fall is only 2 months away......

2:41 PM  

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