Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Back at the splash pad

Yet another sweltering day and we seek refuge at the kids splash pad in Victoria Park.
Kids of every shape, size and age are here. Heck, yesterday I even to on it for a few minutes to get cool.
Art camp is going well. This week's thme is pre-historic times. They learn about cave painting and pictograms. They also learn about pottery. The group crated its own cave painting on a huge piece of wallbaord cut out in the shape og a cave wall. It is too cool. Emily created at deer. It's all very wonderful.


Blogger Dee said...

When you all come out to BC, you will be able to see deer, bear and other wildlife face to face. I just saw some deer recently not even a few blocks from home. It was young, but not a fawn - absolutely stunning. It had short antlers with the fuzz still on them.
Saw many deer and fawn on a short day trip to Bowen Island.
Last year, I saw two young bears only a quarter mile from home. Called the police so they would ensure that the bears got home safely.

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