Friday, July 15, 2005

Diabetic cat

Well, I am no longer alone. Bailey was diagnosed with diabetes. She displayed all the symptoms I showed a year ago. She was peeing a lot, lost weight, sick when she ate, etc. She is taking insulin. I am going to be giving her a needle each day. I still can't believe she is diabetic.
Emily won her ball game last night. She made an excellent hit. She also made a couple of great throws from the outfield. Today there is no camp. We are hanging out. Right now, we are in the mall listening to a local folk singer playing. It is nice.
Tomorrow is the Harry Pottrer book party at the library. We will be buying our copy and watch a magic show. Then, Sunday we are off to Stratford.


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Blogger Dee said...

Chloe is sprawled out on the floor sleeping as usual.
She needs to go to the Vet next month. I've been avoiding this because she despises the Vet and fights me on getting into her cage. She hisses and scratches me no end. She hasn't increased her portion of food for many years now and remains the same weight. I hope she is still in good health - she looks OK.
Almost lost her the other night out the window when she was tearing across the room trying to catch a moth. Just jumped up towards the open window and luckily hit the window sill with full body contact - whew!!! :-)
Glad to hear that Emily is doing well with baseball.
I heard and read in the newspaper about the latest Harry Potter book.
Have fun in Stratford!

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