Sunday, July 17, 2005

Catching up

It has been two very busy days. Yesterday, after the Harry Potter celebrations, we had lunch at DQ and decided to look for a new mattress. Our current one is pretty much gone after 15 years.
Once we got home, Emily and I went swimming with friends at the pool downtown. It was really nice.
Then, last night was spent preparing for our trip to see grandma.
We rose at 5 a. m. To get away before it got too hot we are having another day of extreme temperatures.
The trip took three hours. We ran into some pretty heavy rain, more like severe downpours. It was tense driving for a few kilometres. Whew, we made it.
Lunch was lovely. Now, it is nap time. And then, on to grocery shopping.


Blogger Dee said...

Who's the chick Erin who thinks your cat is going to die?
Take a look at Sealy mattresses, that's what we bought at Sleep Country. Has been pretty good so far and they have a 30-60 night guarantee.
Called grandma's place a few hours ago when you were all napping. I guess she'll call back later when the excitement has settled down.
The weather here has been fantastic today, ie no rain! A little warm but not uncomfortable - perfect.
Everyone is coming over to our place for dinner tonight.

7:09 PM  

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