Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A busy day in Stratford

A day passes quickly when having fun. Emily went to her first day of pottery class. The teacher appeared to be a nice woman. There are 15 in the class. They made pinch pots. Emily turned her pot into a purse.
Michele went shopping. But first, we went to the Olympia restaurant for a snack. It is a wonderful diner with furniture and fixture from the fifties. Original stff. Not bought at an antique store. It has never been changed.
In the afternoon we had a quiet time. Emily and I went swimming at the Lion's pool. Then, we went to the King's buffet for dinner.
I went to a tai chi class. It turns out one of the top instructors is holding a special workshp tonight. I hope to attend.


Blogger Dee said...

Love those original restaurant designs. Wish there were more around.
Last night had Japanese for dinner - Bento Box - yummy.
Still hosting the guests and driving them around to different places. Having just moved here, there's many items they need to pick up.
Addendum to previous post - actually found out about new employment this morning, not yesterday.
Went for 2nd interview this morning.

8:17 PM  

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