Monday, July 18, 2005

Hot in stratford

And yet another day of extreme temperatures, despite thuderstorms last night. Weather. It is all Canadians ever talk about.
Emily started her pottery lessons this morning. She was very excited and nervous. She was quietly telling herself to relax as we walked toward the studio.
The studio is located in an old factory near the indstrial side of the city. It iz called the Amazing Clayworks. We hope Emily enjoys herself.
Mom is being herself. Nuff said.
Michele is looking around stores in the downtown. We are currently in the Christmas store.
It was tough sleeping last night due to the heat.
This afternoon Mom has an appointment at 3:30 p..m. Who knows what we will do this afternoon.
I am hoping to get to a couple of tai chi classes,too.


Blogger Dee said...

Emily sounds so cool. Can't wait to see her finished pottery.
Christmas stores are amazing. Can't go near them because I can't STOP myself from adding one more unnecessary item to my tree!!
Thought Mom had air conditioner in her house?
Haven't taken Tai Chi since Toronto. Still do a few moves along with my yoga. Need to do stretching every day or else my back gets really tight.
Just got the news today that I'm employed once again - wheweee! :-) Start on Monday.

8:12 PM  

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